Our program is a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program designed to provide professional, short-term counseling, consultation, and referrals to employees who are experiencing personal or work-related difficulties BEFORE job performance is impaired. Training for managers is the essential component for an effective EAP. Early resolution of personal problems is in the best interest of both the employee and the organization. Therefore, employees are encouraged to seek assistance on their own before problems begin to affect their work. However, supervisors are also responsible for detecting and attempting to correct unsatisfactory job performance. Our EAP will work closely with managers/supervisors and union representatives to help clarify their role in identifying behavioral symptoms of emotional distress and making a referral to the EAP when job performance is deteriorating.

Problems Identified in Management Training Courses

  • Poor communication between management and employees
  • Poor management-employee trust and cooperation
  • Continual crisis management
  • Lack of involvement of line managers and employees in business and operating decisions
  • Poor communication between senior management and line management
  • Stressful working conditions
  • Lack of a supportive organizational culture
  • Excessive productivity demands
  • Inattention to workplace safety
  • Difficulty implementing organizational change
  • Ineffective job policy and procedures
  • Lack of controls in hiring and promotion
  • Poorly performing work teams

Areas that training will benefit

  • How to use the EAP utilizing the phone consultation
  • In-person consultation
  • Finding a community resource
  • Making a “Formal” referral to the EAP
  • Making an “Informal” referral to the EAP

Employee Behavior Problems that Negatively Impact the Organization

  • Absenteeism and tardiness
  • Poor work attitudes
  • Preventable accidents
  • Disciplinary problems
  • Employee emotional and mental health problems
  • Team or work-unit breakdowns due to conflict
  • Alcohol and other drug abuse
  • Excessive healthcare utilization
  • Harassment and discrimination based on gender or race
  • Malingering or procrastination by injured workers on Workers’ Comp or disability
  • Theft and sabotage
  • Violence and threats of violence
  • Employee legal action against their employer and threats of legal action by outsiders as a result of employee actions

Employees seminars, workshops or brown bag lunches

  • Signs and symptoms of drug abuse / alcoholism
  • Anger Management
  • Coping with Death and other life losses
  • Caretaking of your elderly parents
  • Stress / Anxiety related problems
  • Communicating and your Marriage
  • Helping your children with academic problems
  • The effects of separation & divorce
  • Coping with mental illness
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
Additional seminars / topics can be chosen by the employees or employer.