Woman looking up mental health on a laptop

How You Can Help Reduce Stigmas Related to Mental Health

Mental health is an important factor in our overall well-being, yet stigmas surrounding mental health often lead to discrimination, shame, and silence. Stigmas related to mental health can make it […]

Angry man shaking fist

Anger Management Therapy: Is It Effective?

It’s not uncommon to suffer from anger issues, but trying to manage this type of problem on your own isn’t likely to lead to a resolution. You’ll continue to lead […]

Woman in online therapy session

How Effective Is Online Therapy for Depression?

In the past few years, online therapy has become increasingly popular as an alternative to in-person treatment for a variety of mental health issues. But how effective is it when […]

Child and therapist in a therapy session

7 Things You Should Know About Child and Adolescent Therapists

Taking care of your family means giving attention to physical, mental, and emotional needs. Recent life and global events have left us all with the need to re-evaluate emotions and […]

Counselor and child in therapy session

How Does Therapy for Children and Adolescents Help Their Mental Health?

Mental health crises are at an all-time high among our children and teens. As caregivers, it is our responsibility to find and provide solutions for mental health struggles that improve […]

Two people receiving counseling

The Only Trauma Treatment Center Guide You’ll Ever Need

The help of a trained and experienced therapist can make a big difference in your life whether you are dealing with substance abuse, depression, stress, or issues with your relationship, […]

Woman being comforted by a counselor

How Your Self-Esteem Affects Your Mental Health

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut, or that you don’t have enough enthusiasm to do anything? Do you find yourself spending most of your time cocooned […]

Businessman stressed out at work

What Are All The Key Signs Of Stress Affecting Mental Health?

Although stress can work to our advantage when we face different challenges in life, too much stress can start to take a toll on our mental health. Heightened stress can […]

Psychologist taking notes during a therapy session

How Much Does a Psychologist Cost per Hour in Florida?

When you’re seeking mental health services and want to talk to a psychologist, the cost of therapy is one of the first factors to consider. Psychiatrists also typically charge by […]

Need a Therapist in Palm Beach County? Top Questions to Ask Your Potential Therapist

Suppose you’re considering seeking Royal Palm therapy, congratulations. It can be a hugely helpful step in improving your life. But before you start meeting with potential therapists, there are some […]