Mental Health Therapy, Counseling and Psychology Services in Palm Beach County

Our approach to mental health therapy and counseling the Banyan group is to provide a complete outpatient mental health practice designed to meet the needs of our patients.

Locations Throughout Palm Beach County

Our therapy, counseling, psychiatry and other mental health services are available throughout our five office locations in Palm Beach County and they include psychological testing, medication management, group therapy, family therapy, individual and more. We treat a myriad of mental health issues, and you can receive most psychology and therapy services without traveling to different doctors offices. We have offices in the following locations:

Flexible Office Hours

We want to be easy for you to reach and accessible for therapy sessions therefore we have extended office hours in the evening when most people need to use due to their work schedules and also have weekend and holiday availability you can reach our office from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. Therapy hours are even more liberal 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday plus weekends and holidays.

Speak With A Real Person

When you call us you speak to a real person, a real therapist, no telephone answering programs and no answering service during lunch. Mental health therapy and counseling is nothing to be embarrassed about. You exercise to keep your body healthy, and you should feel good about caring about your mental health in the same way. You get to speak to an actual human being who cares about your well being. Our answering service is only used for after-hours.

Fully Licensed in Florida

All of our therapists, counselors and doctors are State of Florida licensed and experienced in their clinical specialty areas. We work for you, not an insurance company. Quality of care is very important to us your therapy is determined by your specific needs and unique situation we look forward to serving you and helping you. Contact us today to learn more!