Anger Management Therapy

Persons coming for help with anger management either individual or group have displayed loss of temper, have been threatening to others, may be court ordered, been involved in domestic violence, road rage, or have experienced problems with their anger in another area of their life. This group is scheduled for 12 concurrent session of didactic format, with lectures, personal exercises, role playing to help the individual control, defuse, cope with stress without inappropriately displaying anger by using successful problem solving techniques. Click here to learn about our anger management therapists.

Medication Management

Medication management is provided by a psychiatrist as an adjunct to therapy to assist with reducing symptoms of the disorder being treated. Disorders like depression, Bipolar, anxiety, ADHD respond to treatment with medication and therapy.

Parenting Counseling

An ongoing group of parents voluntarily seeking to find a healthy style of parenting their children. The group consists of 6 to 10 sessions of hands-on parenting techniques, lectures, exercises, role playing and didactic format to facilitate processing and application of the material.

Pre-Marital Counseling

This four hour course prepares the couple for future changes in their life and meets the Florida Statue requirement for pre-marital counseling. It starts with developing a healthy communication pattern, dispels myths of marriage, and sets a forum discusses the hard to ask questions marriage can bring. It will bring up issues of how their family impacts their values, how to communicate, stereo typical roles, questions about finances, children, religion, and decision making. This course can be done by the couple alone in one (4) four hour block of time or four individual hours or if possible in a group of other to be married couples. Each couple receives a certificate upon completion.

Relationship / Marriage Counseling

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy provides treatment for intimacy and sexually based relationship issues by promoting understanding of human sexuality and healthy sexual behavior. Specifically it addresses problems of; sexual function and expression, arousal (impotence and frigidity), repeated loss of desire, diminished sexual performance, problems with orgasm (either inability to climax or the inability to control ejaculation), the viewing pornographic material when it interferes with your relationship with your partner, differences that exist in partner’s sexual desires or issues of confusion about your sexual orientation.

Substance Abuse

Group: The criteria for this group is a person who believe they may have a problem with drugs or alcohol, or they recently got a DUI, or have had a related problem (Legal or domestic) as a direct result of drinking or drugging. At the initial assessment the therapist determines the number of sessions and develops an individual treatment plan for each group member. Groups are focused on learning about chemical dependency versus alcohol or drug abuse, the disease concept, recovery groups (AA or NA), personal exercises illustrating identification of a problem, tasks to do as part of recovery, 12 Steps to recovery, personal plan to address drug or alcohol problems.

Women’s Issues

A 6 to 10 women group, ongoing in nature, is a supportive atmosphere to discuss role clarification, coping with stress, building self esteem, developing assertiveness skills, establishing clear boundaries, balancing work and home life. Didactic in nature, it also has exercises, video presentations, exercises and lecture.