Adolescent Group

This group is ongoing, typically for the length of the school year. It focuses on peer interaction, coping with school, substance abuse, problem solving strategies, dealing with parents, anger management, assertiveness. The format is didactic with lecture, video presentations, exercises, role playing and application of the afore mentioned material in daily life.

Alternative To Suspension Assessments-Drugs/Alcohol

The Alternative to Suspension program is initiated by the Palm Beach County School system. Students caught with drugs/alcohol/tobacco who would automatically receive 10 days suspension are referred for an alcohol/drug evaluation. By attending the evaluation the student can get 5 days with held from the suspension. The evaluation is comprised of three sessions; assessment, alcohol/drug education and family meeting plus a urinalysis. Recommendations are then made to the student and his family about the problem and whether treatment, structure, family therapy is needed. The resulting recommendation is brought to the school by the student holding in abeyance the remaining up to 5 days of suspension.

Alternative to Suspension-Smoking Cessation

Purpose of the group is To provide students accurate and helpful education on the effects of smoking/ chewing of tobacco and give them an opportunity for cessation.

An initial session will be held with the students parent(s) and after the 4 groups another family session will be held for any recommendations. There are four contiguous groups held every two weeks (biweekly). Each group is designed for specific information i.e.; education on effects on the body, mind & spirit, understanding the reasons why a person smokes initially, discussion of effective cessation programs, developing healthy peer supports and an individual cessation plan. Additionally students will be linked to community resources for smoking cessation programs or pharmacological programs.

Family Therapy

(50 – 55 minute session)

Family therapy involves all members of the family (when possible) to address issues of family structure, responsibility, coexistence and problem solving. Family therapy could encompass as few as two individuals, parent & child or siblings. Sessions may be further divided into partial time increments to hear each person’s individual points of view.

Individual Therapy

(50 – 55 minute session)

Is specifically set for the individual who has a problem that is recognized as theirs. Examples would be depression, anxiety, panic attacks, adjustment issues, et. It does not mean that other persons are not involved with the individual’s problem but they choose not to help or participate in marital therapy. Examples would be a marital issue when the partner doesn’t see the issue or want to participate, or your child or adolescent refusing to attend family therapy.