Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Brief treatments with an innovative behavioral treatment known as Accelerated Resolution Therapy substantially reduced symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder including, depression, anxiety, sleep dysfunction and other physical and psychological symptoms.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing is a process used by certified CISD mental health therapists to assist a large number of individuals who have experienced trauma like the death of a coworker, a robbery, a natural disaster, horrific event to: process the event in a healthy way, assist in reducing further trauma, being supportive to peers, help start the recovery process of loss/grief, and provide the individual with healthy coping devices. CISD typically takes place at the work site affected or sometimes the location where the trauma took place.

Medical Trauma/Adjustment to Illness

Medical Counseling can assist individuals, couples and families who are facing issues related to a new diagnosis, chronic illness, chronic pain or for those who have experienced a medical trauma such as an injury or loss of physical function. Medical Counseling can provide emotional support, resources and improved quality of life by recognizing the impact of the mind/body connection. Medical Counseling may also focus on improved coping skills and empower the individual to address the impact that illness and disability can have on relationships, work/school, life goals and emotional health and wellness.