Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy
Our counseling services and sessions are offered by our licensed therapists and psychologists at any of our Palm Beach County counseling offices in Lake Worth or Palm Beach Gardens. Our experts have advanced training in relationship health and sex-related issues and will help put you at ease about discussing and working through any issues you might be experiencing. It is important to note that sex therapists do not have sexual contact with their clients.

What to Expect

Your sex therapy session will normally begin with you expressing your specific sexual concerns to your therapist. There are a wide range of sexual issues, and most of them are complicated, and thus your therapist will want to know precisely what you are experiencing.

The first session involves an in-depth assessment of your background and describing your relationship or sexual concerns. Once the therapist understands your issues, they will discuss how to resolve your concerns and enhance your intimacy and communication.

During the initial sessions, talking about intimacy and sex may feel awkward or make you anxious, but our qualified therapists are trained to put their clients at ease.

If you are in a relationship, it is essential to be accompanied by your partner. The intensity of your sexual concerns will determine the number of sessions to attend. Some issues can be resolved quickly while others may require several visits.

If you are interested in learning more about sex therapy and interested in visiting one of our Palm Beach County therapy offices, you can call (561) 967-2566 or click here to contact us today!

Why Is It Important

Therapy can be used to address a significant number of problems, such as sexual relationship issues and concerns about sexual functioning. Treatment is used to resolve issues such as: