Take Charge of Your Life With Substance Abuse Counseling in A Confidential Safe Environment

The stresses of everyday life today can sometimes be overwhelming and can often take a toll on us. It’s how we handle this stress that can positively or negatively affect our daily lives. You may be one of the thousands of South Floridians who have turned to substance abuse to numb your pain from anxiety and depression. The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly done little to help. The isolation, fear, an ill loved one, and job loss caused worldwide are just some of the contributing factors that can cause you to either fall off the wagon or to find solace in drugs and alcohol. According to a recent news report, overdose deaths in Palm Beach County are already 49% higher from January to August of this year than last year. Alcohol and opioid abuse are at an all-time high. If getting clean and sober seems like an endless cycle of starts and stops for you—the good news is that you can do it—but you’ll need a strong support system to help you through.

Our Substance Abuse Therapists Are Dedicated to Helping You Succeed

Your family and friends may mean well, but they don’t usually possess the training and skills necessary to help you. That’s why choosing a substance abuse counselor is a smart move. But choosing the right therapist for your individual needs can be challenging. At The Banyan Group, our experienced and compassionate team of therapists are dedicated, highly trained professionals who want to help you kick your habit and succeed in life. Perhaps you once dreamed of being a doctor, attorney, or teacher, but that dream seems so far out of reach right now because you spend most of your days in the bar instead of at work or school. Don’t succumb to this destructive path any longer. A fair amount of your money, time, and energy go towards being a slave to drink or drugs. That same energy could and should be used to pursue your future goals or better yourself as a person. The therapists at The Banyan Group can set you on the right path towards recovery.

Receive Substance Abuse Counseling in a Safe, Tranquil Environment

The Banyan Group provides you with the help, counseling, and support you need without judgment. We offer group sessions with a focus on AA, NA, and a 12 Step recovery program. We have conveniently located offices in Royal Palm Beach and Boca Raton, Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens, and West Palm Beach. We offer a safe, confidential experience.

Take Charge of Your Addiction Today

If you’re thinking about substance abuse counseling, look no further than The Banyan Group. One of the reasons substance abusers fail at getting sober time and time again is because they don’t have the right support system. The therapy team at The Banyan Group is dedicated to helping you find your way back to being a productive member of society. Take control of your addiction, and let us create a personal plan of action for you. Call us today for a confidential assessment at (561) 967-2566.