Respect & Courtesy

Our patrons are the most important part of our work. From the time we receive a call you are treated with respect and courtesy. It starts by talking with a real person, not an answer machine or voice mail.

Know your Costs Before you make an Appointment

When you first call we will ask you for your insurance information. Because the Major Insurance Companies subcontract their verification for benefits, a person doesn’t really know what those benefits are. We will assist you in getting that information. You will know your copay, deductible or any limitations on the type of therapy you can receive or number of therapy sessions you are allowed before you schedule an appointment. If for some reason you do not have health insurance coverage we can adjust your fee to assist you to get the help you need.  We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, cash or money order.

Easy access to all types of therapy

At The Banyan Group we try to accommodate the individual’s personal needs; by matching a therapist who can treat your specific problem, giving you the closest office to your work or home and scheduling you the most convenient time. The next premise is that we should provide all types of therapy services at the same location: individual, group, family and marital therapy, medication management and psychological testing.

The last area is The Banyan Group needs to adapt to the changing healthcare environment and still provide quality care. As a result we have decided to not work with Managed Care or HMOs. We still accept insurance plans, PPOs, EAPs and self pay.

Skilled therapists and doctors

Our staff are licensed in the State of Florida, skilled in the areas they practice and because you have the choice of several therapists and a doctor we can treat most requests for care. All of our staff are trained in brief psychotherapy. This approach best utilizes limited health care benefits reducing out-of-pocket costs to our patrons. In the event that benefits end prematurely we will assist you with a reduced fee or linkage to community resources for continued treatment.

We will assist you in verifying your insurance ahead of time, working through obstacles and barriers.

Learn more about the Banyan Group’s approach to counseling and therapy.