What to Expect During Anger Management Therapy

You may feel like you are not in control of your emotions when you experience bursts of anger. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get your anger in check, such as anger management therapy. This style of therapy can help you identify triggers, control your emotions and eventually decrease your anger. We understand that there are times when you will get angry – it’s impossible not to find yourself in such situations. But anger management therapy in Lake Worth or your residing city can help you control your responses. 

It’s time to regulate your emotions and feel calmer during stressful situations. Your therapist at the Banyan Group will work with you to achieve this goal and others. 

What exactly can you expect when attending anger management therapy? Keep reading to learn more!

Goal Setting 

In therapy, you will most likely create goals with your therapist to control your anger more effectively. With the help of your therapist, you will learn:

  • What makes you angry
  • How best to respond to triggers
  • Skills to manage triggers more effectively
  • Skills to relax, like meditation and breathing techniques
  • Learn problem-solving techniques

When you receive anger management therapy in Lake Worth, the goal is to examine your triggers and look at frustrating situations differently. Even if your therapist has goals for you, it’s good to come in with goals of your own. Before you attend therapy, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of people makes me angry?
  • What situations make me angry?
  • How do I react when I am angry?
  • How does my anger affect other people?

The answers to these questions are your triggers. When you know your triggers, you can work to correct them. If you answered the third question with stomach pains, headaches, tension, or another ailment caused by your anger, then one of your goals should be learning to meditate.

Group Therapy 

What to expect depends on what form of anger management therapy you receive. Group therapy is the most common format for anger management therapy. If you attend group therapy for anger management, you will learn skillsets in a therapist-mediated group setting. In this format, several individuals work with one therapist.

Unlike traditional group therapy, you will not share how you feel, but instead, the therapist will teach a lesson on anger management control. Nevertheless, group therapy is a good way to connect with people who have the same challenges as you.

Even if you attend group therapy, you may still need individual counseling. In this environment, you will have the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with a therapist and unburden yourself by sharing how unhealthy responses make you feel. 

Educational Environment 

Whether you’re doing anger management therapy in Lake Worth in a group or individually, these sessions are designed to be educational. You will learn strategies to reduce your aggression in everyday situations. 

Your therapist will not put angry emotions in a negative light – after all, it’s a perfectly natural emotion. An effective anger management session will teach you how to hold in your anger without internalizing too much, as this can lead to other issues, such as depression.

What you learn will help you foster healthy relationships and live a healthier, more fulfilled life. It’s important to attend with an open mind, whether you’re going on your own volition or it is court-ordered.

Rules for Participation

To ensure a productive session, your therapist will most likely set a few basic ground rules. In general, you will learn that whatever is said in group therapy stays in the group. If you see someone you know, don’t share this with the others and don’t tell their peers that this person attends anger management therapy. It’s also important to respect everyone in group therapy, even if you don’t agree with their opinion.

Contact the Banyan Group 

We have worked with and helped many individuals control their anger. We offer anger management therapy in Lake Worth to help individuals control, defuse and cope with situations without displaying inappropriate anger. Our group sessions include:

  • Lectures
  • Personal exercises
  • Roleplaying
  • Problem-solving techniques

Are you ready to get started? Contact us today and we’ll connect you with a specialist for your needs.